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Fair & Precious
We attach great importance to sustainable forest management and thus gladly cooperate to realize this. Wijma is therefore an official partner of Fair & Precious. This brand focusses on the development of a sustainable, ethical and legal tropical timber market. This ensures that the customer knows even better where the wood originated from, while simultaneously proofing its sustainability.

Fair & Precious was developed by tropical timber association ATIBT (Association Technique des Bois Tropicaux). The brand, that was established in 2017, helps to improve the tropical timber market in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Fair & Precious works towards a more sustainable tropical timber market by working on their 10 commitments, each corresponding with their related Sustainable Development Goal:

Commitment 1: Managing and protecting forest to combat global warming. 13
Commitment 2: Preserving forest resources by harvesting less than is naturally grown. 15
Commitment 3: Developing knowledge on biodiversity to facilitate the renewal of the species. 12 15
Commitment 4: Ensuring the preservation of the living space of wildlife. 15
Commitment 5: Implementing programs that combat poaching. 15
Commitment 6: Contributing to the well-being of populations by facilitating access to education, medical care and housing. 2 3 4 5 6
Commitment 7: Stimulating the economies of producing countries by enhancing the value of the forest and favoring the local processing of timber. 1 9 10
Commitment 8: Setting up training courses for the forest and timber trades. 8
Commitment 9: Providing technical knowledge on the diversity of tropical timber species and their uses. 7
Commitment 10: Promoting responsible purchases of this exceptional material. 17

More information can be found on the Fair & Precious website