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Lock gates

Traditionally, lock gates have always been made from timber. In days gone by, these would have been Oak, but now Azobé and Tali are widely used. These are types of wood which have high mechanical characteristics and a long lifespan.

Lock gates

Lock gate manufacture requires specialist skills which Wijma has held over many decades. We design lock gates in-house and we put together renovation plans for existing ones.


Lock gate projects

Lock 118, Amsterdam

Client: City of Amsterdam, Infrastructure, Transport and Traffic Department (DIVV) Contractor: Aannemingsmaatschappij De Branding B.V. Type of wood: Azobé (FSC-certified) Location: Junction of Heemstedestraat –

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Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht

Client: Trajectum Novum Contractor: DHV B.V. Type of wood: Azobé (FSC-certified)Location: Groenewoudsedijk 2, Utrecht Description: Production of two completely new gates. The existing lock walls

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Tidal lock, Vlissingen

Client: Province of Zeeland Contractor: Aannemingsmaatschappij De Klerk Type of wood: Azobé Locations: Stationsplein – Locks, Vlissingen Description: Replacement of two existing lock gates.

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Lock gates

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