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angelim vermelho

Sawn timber

Angelim Vermelho

Freshly cut, the heartwood of Angelim Vermelho is yellow-brown in colour, usually with streaks and often an orangey tint, darkening to a red-brown. The sapwood is pink and cannot always be differentiated clearly from the heartwood. When fresh and dry, Angelim Vermelho has a strikingly rancid (butyric) smell which disappears only after a long while.

Angelim Vermelho

Properties of this timber species


Botanical name:Dinizia excelsa
ATIBT name:Angelim Vermelho


The wood can be used in similar situations as Azobé. One should be aware of the specific smell of Angelim Vermelho. Heavy Construction work such as hydro-engineering, bridges and shipbuilding, dockwork, sheet piling, dragline mats, industrial flooring and workbenches.


Resistance to fungi: class 1 (very durable)
Resistance to insects: Termites probably class D (sapwood and heartwood very durable), Marine borers class D in Northern European conditions, class M (moderately durable) in Southern European conditions

Strength class

Angelim Vermelho quality class Category 3/Tropical/NEN 5493 is classed in strength class D40 (NEN-EN 338).


(950)-1000-(1050) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content
Fresh 1450 kg/m3

Additional information

Angelim Vermelho has its own very distinct smell. When using Angelim Vermelho, one should be aware that when wet the wood can give off marks (so not for use with seating furniture!)

source: Houtvademecum © 2010 Centrum Hout Almere, 10e herziene druk

Angelim Vermelho

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