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Sawn timber


The dull brown Purple Heart has a heartwood that discolours quickly to an attractive purple-blue when exposed to light. If the wood is not finished, the purple colour turns to dull brown when exposed to ultra-violet light. The sapwood is white to grey-brown and is 30-60 mm thick.


Properties of this timber species


Botanical name:Peltogyne venosa / Peltogyne confertiflora / Peltogyne paniculata / Peltogyne catingae / Peltogyne spec. div.
ATIBT name:Amarante

Quality requirements

Purple Heart is listed in the Dutch norm NEN 5493 ‘Quality Requirements For Hardwoods In Road Construction Works, Hydraulic Engineering Works And Other Structural Applications’


Primarily for decorative work, sculptures, panelling, frames, knobs and handles, rulers, supports and veneer. In the Netherlands, Purple Heart is used for parquet, inside doors, sectioned decks for jetties, trailer floors and garden applications. In the countries of origin, it is used for construction timber, door and window frames, balconies, industrial floors, hydraulic works and bridge-building, fendering and boat keels.


Resistance to fungi: class 2-3 (durable – moderately durable) Resistance to insects: Termites class D (sapwood and heartwood very durable)


(700)-750-850-900-(1050) kg/m3 at 12% moisture content Fresh 1100 kg/m3
source: Houtvademecum © 2010 Centrum Hout Almere, 10e herziene druk


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